BTC-Alpha Announces Successful Token Burn

BTC-Alpha, a cryptocurrency exchange based in Europe. just finished their first token burn ever. Its native tokens, ALP Coins were burnt as a start of a major upgrade.

There were 1,000,000 tokens burnt. This number included all the trades of ALP tokens, and also all the payments in ALPs, made throughout the exchange’s lifespan.

Their CEO Vitalii Bodnar publicly announced that many new interesting features are waiting to be implemented as the exchange rushes into a new stage of their development with a full rethinking of the ALP Coin’s economy.

When tokens were burnt, ALP traded at about $0.26 but right as this press release was in work, it jumped up significantly. The relevant price of $1.34 is the result of the impressive total growth of 417.7% within just a couple of days since April,16, according to CoinGecko data.

As Vitalii Bodnar shared the information about this historic event on LinkedIn, he expressed the appreciation of all the input made by the users of BTC-Alpha, their support for ALP Coin, and their commitment to the exchange.

He said, “We exist on the market for 5 years, and during all this time we provided the best service and never betrayed our clients. Let the token burn be a start of the new way to our next goals.”