A New Software Service Provides Everyday Investors With AI-Based Price Predictions Enabling Smarter Decision Making & Optimized Returns for Bitcoin & Ethereum

Created and rigorously tested by expert data scientists in cohort with expert traders,  CryptoHawk.AI allows anyone to harness the power of artificial intelligence and machine

learning for improved investment returns in crypto. With the software’s AI based predictions  investors are able to remove stress, reduce risk, and save time all while taking advantage of  volatility when investing in bitcoin and ethereum.

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How the solution works 

Cryptohawk’s data scientists have simulated human problem-solving and mental processing in a  proprietary computerized model drawing the domain expertise of professional traders.  CryptoHawk.AI’s algorithm analyzes millions of data points like volatility, variance, volume,  sentiment, search, news, trends, and historical prices 24 hours a day. The algorithm  synthesizes, evaluates and organizes data in-order to discover new patterns, anomalies,  relationships and manipulates this data into real-time intelligence. Watch this platform overview  video to learn more about the solution.

The CryptoHawk AI 

The Cryptohawk deep learning machine model was developed by a team of experienced traders  and engineers led by Artificial Intelligence solution pioneer Thiery Hubert. This algorithm has  been designed to provide investors with powerful yet easy to followBitcoin and Ethereum price  predictions that are consistently improving as the algorithm learns from previous predictions and  adapts to new data and market forces.

This proprietary algorithm continuously processes massive amounts of data at a high speed,  and mimics the perception, learning, problem-solving, and decision-making capabilities of  professional traders. Unlike humans, machine learning performs better as the amount of data  increases and is further trained and adjusted to improve accuracy over time.

Improved Investing Returns with the power of AI 

Cryptocurrency investors are consistently dealing with time consuming tasks like watching  charts, indicators, reading articles and spotting trends on social media, all tasks that make it  difficult for them to maintain and grow their portfolios. CryptoHawk.AI simplifies much of this  process as it analyzes millions of data points per hour through a proprietary machine-learning  algorithm that continuously spots relevant patterns, makes decisions and generates accurate  price trend predictions. CryptoHawk alerts investors through email and text message when a  price trend changes allowing users to act with confidence.

Our complex AI engine has been drastically improved for CryptoHawk compared to CryptoDivine.  Upon rigorous back testing of our modulated CryptoHawk AI model to the launch date of February  24, 2021, we demonstrated that CryptoHawk reduced the number of alert notifications by almost  half compared to CryptoDivine, while increasing the simple rate of return by 87% for BTC and  617% for ETH. In addition, compared to a buy and hold strategy, the CryptoHawk trading rates of  return since February 24, 2021, were higher by 26% and 13% respectively. While past  performance cannot be a guarantee for future performance, if these results continue, investors  can expect to see similar or better returns with many fewer alerts.

Reducing the number of alerts, while improving the performance at the same time, is very  significant when one factors in the transactional costs of trading, and we are very excited that  CryptoHawk is poised to perform substantially better than our already successful CryptoDivine.

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CryptoHawk is an artificial intelligence platform that allows investors to gain a competitive  advantage when trading Bitcoin and Ethereum. Cryptohawk’s proprietary AI algorithm analyzes  millions of data points per hour to spot relevant patterns, make decisions and generate accurate  price trend predictions. CryptoHawk allows investors to simplify their decision making, reduce  risk, exploit market volatility and improve investing performance.

*Disclaimer: Performance data is based on backtesting of the AI model and does not include  exchange transaction costs as charges vary, prior results do not guarantee future results.