DRC Foundation Releases Second NFT

The Digital Reserve Currency Foundation (DRC Foundation) has released its second NFT to coincide with its campaign to raise funds for a centralized exchange listing.  One hundred NFTs have been created with no additional GEN01 NFTs being minted or created in the future. 

The second GENxx NFT follows the release of the first DRC NFT where one hundred GEN00 NFTs were minted and sold to the community to raise funds for marketing and development.  Given as a gesture of appreciation for contributions, the DRC GENxx NFT series is a reward to DRC holders who help to advance the development of DRC’s ecosystem.  The NFT was created by DRC’s core developer, telegram user @If.x who also co-founded NFTKEY.

As of this article, 28 NFTs have been given to DRC holders who have contributed a minimum of $1,000 USDC to the DRC Foundation.  A further 72 NFTs remain which can be claimed after the qualifying contribution has been sent to the DRC Foundation Fund’s Gnosis Multi-Signature wallet.  The wallet is under the direction of the DRC Foundation, a community-driven organization that elects five DRC holders each quarter to lead DRC’s development and marketing efforts.

100% of funds contributed to the DRC Foundation are used for developing DRC and its ecosystem.  In the past, contributions to the foundation have helped DRC get its audits completed, conduct outreach campaigns, and develop the Digital Reserve platform, in accordance with the DRC Roadmap and community designated initiatives.

About Digital Reserve Currency

Digital Reserve Currency was created during the Covid-19 pandemic and was designed as a potential store of value.  100% of its supply was listed on the Uniswap exchange and follows a fair distribution model with no presale, no team tokens, and no ICO raise.  DRC has a decentralized governing structure with DRC holders being able to propose and pass changes to the ecosystem through a governance model. 

Digital Reserve Currency was developed by Maxim Nurov, founder of Digital Finance, a Washington D.C. financial company that specializes exclusively in the digital assets market.  DRC is the token used in the Digital Reserve Currency ecosystem and to access the Digital Reserve Vaults.

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