OnlyChain-Based OS Is Compatible With Commercial Applications

Singapore, 27/04/2021 – OnlyChain is proud to announce their Blockchain-based Operating System that can incorporate business models of exponential organizations. OnlyChain is an open-source Block-based Operating System initiated and established by Only Chain Limited.

OnlyChain is the set of 3.0 blockchain-based application Operating System compatible with decentralized (DeFi) and semi-centralized applications emerging data compatibility and performance extensions. Once it is established, the system will arrange the distributed computer to provide applications with various services like memory, hard disks, processors, bandwidth, and interfaces. OnlyChain aims for an efficient and full-fledged application ecosystem by incorporating successful business models of exponential organizations.

We are going to launch “OBTC”, “OETH”, “OLTC” and other cross-chain assets based on the OC system and all cross-chain assets will be executed fully by a smart contract, which is also called OC cross-chain protocol as such protocol runs on the OC system.

The Smart Contracts enable decentralized core businesses to collaborate on the chain. OnlyChain System produces the TPS of 20000+. The tokens on the OC system will provide many functions in the future and the prices of these tokens also reflect the prices supporting their actual assets, so we also call them alternative “stable tokens”

OnlyChain-Based Cross-Chain assets

OnlyChain is going to launch OBTC, OETH, OLTC, etc. All the cross-chain assets are going to be executed by Smart Contracts.


The First Cross-Chain protocol was initiated by OnlyChain named Open Reactor (ORC). Open Reactor links financial data and value delivery between OnlyChain and other public blockchain networks. ORC brings values to mainstream assets like ETH, BTC, and LTC into Open Finance ecology.

The vision of ORC is to become the interoperable exchange layer for almost all major blockchain in the field of encryption and provide the decentralized world with a self-running free value flow reactor, which has a decisive strategic significance for achieving the core pursuit of OPEN in establishing a unified liquidity space.


Open Finance constructs an integrated and interconnected cluster of protocols for open financial and financial protocol applications developed based on the OC system. ORC cross-chain protocol is a basic infrastructure of OPEN full ecological application and supported by OPEN Foundation.

The development of OrcVM virtual machine is the core mechanism of the Open Reactor protocol decentralized cross-chain solution. OrcVM is a decentralized hosting platform based on secure multiparty computation (sMPC) and can forge or destroy OSC-20 digital assets 1:1 on the OC system, with the platforms supporting cross-chain hosting at the early stage being bitcoin, Ethereum, or Litecoin. This means that BTC, ETH, and LTC can be used in any DeFi application on the OrcVM system.

The decentralized network nodes that drive the operation of OrcVM are called Nodeoperator. Anyone can run Nodeoperator as long as they pledge a certain quantity of ORC tokens, by merely using a home calculator or mobile terminal device. As Nodeoperator provides computing or hosting services to OrcVM, it can earn a maintenance fee denominated in BTC, ETH, or LTC. The OC System is a revolutionary system that benefits its customers by integrating successful business models. OnlyChain helps the crypto traders to create stable.

is easy to use and anyone can run it

OnlyChain’s new casting rapidly confirms the transaction time and transparency of transaction details and smart contract execution and thereby will make all the crypto investors happy as they don’t need to pay a high on-chain transaction rate as the current scenario.

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