Grayscale launches 5 new trust includes LINK, BAT, FIL

According to a press release, Grayscale Investments has added 5 new products to its Trusts offer.…

American Cancer Society Now Accepts Crypto Donations

The American Cancer Society recently decided to open its doors to crypto donations. The Society launched…

Brave Browser Takes Steps Toward Web 3.0 by Integrating IPFS

The Privacy-focused Brave internet browser has integrated the Interplanetary File System (IPFS). Announced on Jan. 19,…

Market Wrap: With Fed Rate Policy Unchanged, Bitcoin Passes $11K; Ether Options Bet on Price Below $400

Bitcoin’s price continues to trend upward while the ether options market signals bearish sentiment.

Market Wrap: Bitcoin Stuck at $10.3K; Uniswap Value Locked Gyrates

The bitcoin market lacks momentum Friday but Uniswap’s value locked is on a roller-coaster ride.