Market Wrap: Bitcoin Slumps to $10.7K; Ethereum Fees Rise Again

Bitcoin’s price is heading down while DeFi is helping Ethereum fees go up.

Market Wrap: With Fed Rate Policy Unchanged, Bitcoin Passes $11K; Ether Options Bet on Price Below $400

Bitcoin’s price continues to trend upward while the ether options market signals bearish sentiment.

This Week in Cryptocurrency: June 28th, 2019

Well, that was a rollercoaster. Whether you enjoy sharp increases or, for some reason, steep falls…

Market Wrap: Bitcoin Stuck at $10.3K; Uniswap Value Locked Gyrates

The bitcoin market lacks momentum Friday but Uniswap’s value locked is on a roller-coaster ride.

Market Wrap: Bitcoin Hits $10.4K; Ether Balances on Exchanges Fall to 7-Month Low

Bitcoin price trended upward before losing some steam while ether is moving off centralized exchanges.

Market Wrap: Bitcoin Tumbles to $9.8K; Investors Continue Plowing Crypto Into DeFi

Bitcoin price took another dive while DeFi is still looking mighty attractive to investors.