What Was Q1 2021 Like for the Crypto Industry?

Since the beginning of 2021, the crypto industry has been growing. Figures show this: in the first quarter of 2021, the capitalization of the crypto market increased more than twofold.

The main theme at the beginning of the year was NFT. A number of projects have been developed, and regular auctions are held for the sale of non-reusable tokens. Of course, NFT tokens had existed before but became very popular only now.

An increasing number of institutional investors and reputable companies have entered the crypto market. This is worth only one Tesla and its investment in Bitcoin for $1.5 billion. It is not behind it and Microstrategy, which invests more, but less. 

The public is warming up interest in cryptocurrencies. Many countries around the world have begun to consider testing CBDC, and countries like China and Japan are already actively adopting new technologies. 

One cannot fail to mention the trial of Ripple and SEC. Although the company has had negative predictions, the situation is much better than expected. This is evidenced by the XRP token cost of $1.66. Here you have to consider that before the SEC pursuit, the XRP token cost only $0.25.

Various analytical services say essentially one thing: topical cryptocurrency holders are not going to dispose of them. Positions are consolidated, which is a direct bull signal. In addition, the miners stopped selling the mined BTC in early April 2021, preferring to move.

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